First Blog! Welcome to my site.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to my New and improved Website! 

 I have been on a slow and steady internal process to find a way over the years to somehow define what is exactly that I do!

It hasn’t been easy and even now after completing the process I am already thinking of new things to add and adjust with in the treatments that I have listed. 

That is one of the reasons why I love what I do! As I evolve (if you look closely all the word “LOVE” is in “EVOLVE”) I get to creatively 

find ways to evolve my business. Not to mention work with wonderful people on a one on one basis, each one sharing a different experience 

and energy exchange. No chance to be board when you love what you do! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank every single person I have had the blessing to get my hands on over the last 15 years! I have gained 

experience, knowledge, wisdom and expanded my creative, spiritual and health practice through this journey. Also I would like to thank all 

of the other spas, gym, clinics, doctors, therapists, Reiki masters, Qi Gong instructors, all my teachers (formal and informal) and everyone else

“in the biz” for being influential tools for me personally and professionally as I aim to assist others in the same way. 


be. a. loving. allegiance. now. centered. eternal. 

(ok i’m going to play with this acronym a little…. if anyone has suggestions, I would love to read them!)